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News ImageStarlog '77: "Animating Star Trek" Oct 05, 2014
We're launching a new series this weekend, going back into our archives of rare Star Trek media and digging out audio, visual, and print media we've never shared before! Starting off is an in-depth article from STARLOG Magazine, highlighting the work that went into "Star Trek: The Animated Series"!

News ImageAndy Mangels Interview on his new TAS Book! Jan 18, 2013
TrekCore talks to Andy Mangels, co-author with Lou Scheimer of the new book "Creating the Filmation Generation", a wonderfully detailed look into the history of Filmation Productions including copious amounts of hitherto unknown details about the production of Star Trek: The Animated Series!

News ImageEXCLUSIVE! Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans 'Afoot' Jan 16, 2013
TrekCore can exclusively reveal that plans are currently 'afoot' for a Blu-Ray release of Star Trek: The Animated Series. In our epic 7-part interview with Free Enterprise Writer and Director Robert Meyer Burnett, Rob revealed plans are 'afoot' and he has 'crazy ideas' for the release!

News ImagePreview: TAS 'Creating the Filmation Generation' Dec 28, 2012
We take a look at the new book covering Filmation Studios and Lou Scheimer, who were responsible for creating Star Trek: The Animated Series in 1973.

News ImageNEW: 'The Infinite Vulcan' TAS Next Voyage Trailer Nov 06, 2012
After almost 10 years, we're filling in the gaps in our popular custom-made "Next Voyage" trailers for Star Trek: The Animated Series. In the first of five updates, we reveal the new trailer for the episode 'The Infinite Vulcan'

News ImageTAS Episode Guide Now Sortable! Nov 26, 2010
The TAS Episode guide has been overhauled, the final one to adopt the new design. Like all others, the guide is now fully sortable by Episode Number, A-Z, Prod. No., Airdate and Stardate! Hope everyone likes the new format as much as we do!

News ImageTAS Audio Section Jun 27, 2009
TAS Audio Section now open! The page has a built in audio player, and features new EXCLUSIVE audio promos from the 70's! You'll also see new navigation! This new navigation will be rolled out in the rest of the site over the next month.

News ImageAnimated Series Images Jun 27, 2009
We have reorganized and expanded our Star Trek The Animated Series image database!

Welcome to TrekCore TAS! This is one of the biggest "Animated Series" resources on the net and as such have one of the largest databases of information and media for the series ever compiled.

Be sure to check out some of the following highlights!

  • Episode Guide - All 22 episodes profiled with in-depth behind the scenes, quotes, trivia, scripts and much much more. (and continuing to expand)

  • Next Voyage Trailers - Custom made, sixty-second episode previews.

  • Alien Library - Meticulously researched database containing information on every alien race featured in "The Animated Series."

Thank you for visiting our TAS section! Months and months of work have gone into the creation of this amazing resource which was originally hosted at TrekPulse.

"Beneath the surface lies the future."
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