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News ImageTAS Now Available on Free CW SEED Streaming App Sep 23, 2017
Still holding out on picking up STAR TREK: THE ANIMATED SERIES on disc and haven’t got a Netflix, Amazon, or CBS All Access streaming account – but still want to experience all that the second Trek television series has to offer? Well wait no longer: stream TAS free now on the CW Seed app.

News ImageTAS: "The Counter-Clock Incident" HD Screencaps Feb 10, 2017
Our final gallery of STAR TREK: THE ANIMATED SERIES Blu-ray screencaps are here! The very first captain of the USS Enterprise - retired officer Robert April - must return to duty and take command of the starship when Captain Kirk and crew begin to age backwards into children after entering a reverse universe!

News ImageTAS: "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth?" HD Caps Feb 07, 2017
When the Enteprise encounters Kukulkan - an ancient alien who visited Earth's distant past and influenced Egyptian, Mayan, and Aztec civilizations - Captain Kirk and his Starfleet crew are transported to a city that holds an intergalactic zoo... and they must defeat the ageless being for their freedom!

News ImageTAS: "Albatross" Blu-ray Screencaps Feb 06, 2017
Following a mission to the planet Dramia, Dr. McCoy is held prisoner, accused of mass genocide - caused by a deadly plague committed nineteen years earlier during a previous expedition. When the Enterprise attempts to investigate, it too becomes infected by the dangerous illness!

News ImageTAS: "The Practical Joker" Blu-ray Screencaps Feb 01, 2017
After passing through a strange space energy cloud, the Enterprise's computer gains an artificial intelligence that is relentlessly bent on making practical jokes on the crew - from a pie in the face to defaced uniforms. But once the Romulans arrive, the fun turns to a dangerous distraction!

News ImageTAS: "Bem" Blu-ray Screencaps Jan 24, 2017
Ari bn Bem, an erratic observer from the planet Pandro, secretly watches the crew of the USS Enterprise to determine whether the Federation is ready to open diplomatic relations with his advanced species. Check out these Blu-ray screencaps from "Bem," as we continue the journey through STAR TREK: THE ANIMATED SERIES!

News ImageTAS: "The Pirates of Orion" Blu-ray Screencaps Jan 15, 2017
When an illness sweeps through the crew, McCoy finds it to be fairly harmless - until it affects Spock, putting him near death in the Enterprise sickbay. The ship warps to the much-needed cure at top speeds, but the Starfleet crew finds the freighter carrying it destroyed and the medicinal cargo hijacked by dangerous Orion pirates!

News ImageGALLERY: UK's ANIMATED SERIES Home Video Covers Jan 08, 2017
We've added a new collection of VHS cover scans from the UK's run of "Star Trek: The Animated Series" home video releases! Browse through these classic videotape artwork designs and find your favorites - courtesy of guest contributor Lee Hutchison!

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