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News ImageTAS: "The Terratin Incident" HD Screencaps Dec 04, 2016
After a strange flash of light paralyzes the entire crew of the Enterprise, they begin to shrink in size - and after Kirk beams down to the nearest planet, he discovers the descendants of a lost Earth colony, also living in microscopic proportions! Can Kirk save the tiny colony before his own crew shrinks out of existence? Find out in "The Terratin Incident!"

News ImageTAS: "Mudd's Passion" HD Screencaps Nov 27, 2016
Harry Mudd is back - in animated form! Captain Kirk and his Starfleet crew once again encounters the intergalactic swindler as Mudd is arrested for selling a love potion to a remote colony... but soon the whole Enterprise crew is falling under its spell!

News ImageMusical Surprises Fill New TREK 50 Soundtrack Set Nov 25, 2016
Well, it’s been almost a year since news first broke about La-La Land’s planned Star Trek: 50th Anniversary soundtrack collection – and now, they’ve finally made it official: this 4 CD collection, filled with surprises (including a ton of ANIMATED SERIES score!) arrives on November 29! PLUS: More news on upcoming VOYAGER and DEEP SPACE NINE music releases!

News ImageTAS: "Once Upon a Planet" HD Screencaps Nov 22, 2016
The crew of the Enterprise revisit the so-called "Shore Leave" planet - from the TOS episode of the same name - and once again, their rest and relaxation time goes remarkably wrong as the planet's illusions turn deadly!

News ImageTAS: "The Magicks of Megas-Tu" HD Screencaps Nov 16, 2016
While investigating the theory of creation, the Enterprise is caught inside an energy/matter tornado - but after emerging from the storm, the crew encounter a world where magic works... and science doesn't! Embrace the weirdness that is "The Magicks of Megas-Tu!"

News ImageREVIEW: The ANIMATED SERIES on Blu-ray Nov 13, 2016
Almost ten years to the day after "Star Trek: The Animated Series" debuted on DVD in November 2006, the first Trek sequel series arrives this Tuesday on Blu-ray; the first standalone high-definition release of this show - at a significantly lower price point than the big 50th Anniversary box set that debuted in September.

News ImageTAS: "The Infinite Vulcan" HD Screencaps Nov 08, 2016
A species of intelligent plants, led by a clone of a Eugenics Wars-era scientist, clones Spock with the intentions of creating a master race to keep the peace - but what will happen with Captain Kirk and crew come face to face with a twenty-five-foot-tall version of their Vulcan first officer?

News ImageTAS: "The Survivor" HD Screencaps Nov 02, 2016
Patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone, the Enterprise finds long-lost Federation philanthropist Carter Winston - who, by chance, has a fiancee serving aboard Captain Kirk's starship! But is this truly the UFP's "living legend," or has the Enterprise crew some other alien creature in disguise?

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