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Humanoid Federation members are blue-skinned in appearance and have bilateral antennae and characteristically white hair. Andorians are self-described as a violent and warlike species. No members of this Federation race were aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-D when Data's offspring, Lal, was "born." Lal rejected an Andorian female as one of four final choices for a racial type, instead opting to become a human female. Apparently, according to Data on stardate 43657.0, Andorians engage in group marriages of four as a rule. However, most of what is known about this race is scattered.

Physical Attributes:
Typically blue-skinned, but some have a grayish-white complexion.
Antennae atop the head which increases the sense of smell.
White hair.

Cultural Facts:
An aggressive species, but highly honourable.
A founding member of the United Federation of Planets.

Notable Individuals:
Thelin - U.S.S. Enterprise first officer in an alternate timeline. When Spock was killed as a child, Thelin served in Spock's position. ("Yesteryear")
Shran - Commander in the Andorian Guard, helped uncover the hidden Vulcan transmitter at the monastery at P'Jem. Participated in the battle against the rebellious Xindi-Reptiles who launched a doomsday weapon against Earth, enlisted the assistance of Enterprise NX-01 when the corrupt Vulcan High Command planned to attack Andoria. ("The Andorian Incident", "Zero Hour", "Kir'Shara")
Thelev - An Orion surgically altered to pass an Andorian. Placed in the ambassador's delegation aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise to cause terror and murder to disrupt the vessel and leave it vulnerable to an Orion attack which would have disrupted the Babel Conference. When the Orion ship was destroyed, Thelev committed suicide rather than be taken prisoner. ("Journey to Babel")

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Water-breathing race on the planet Argo. Earthquakes forced the senior generation, who originally were air-breathers, underwater where they mutated to become water-breathers. As the centuries past, the mutations became hereditary. Other air-breathers hunted and killed the water-breathers, which is why they fear them so much. Laws forbade any Aquan from mutating back to air-breathing form. The younger generations sought the ways of the older generations and relocated to the surface when the U.S.S. Enterprise relieved the tectonic stress on Argo with their phaser banks. The younger Aquans planned to rebuild the lost cities of the old generation.


Aggressive water monster inhabiting the water world of Argo. The venom found in their teeth is an essential ingredient in reversing the water-breather transformation process.

Episode Reference - "The Ambergris Element"


Aliens indigenous to the antimatter universe which is parallel to our own. Since time flows backwards in the antimatter universe, the Arretian aging process is reversed as well. Born elderly they regress into children as they age until finally their DNA breaks down. Arretians also favour placing numbers in their first names.

Episode Reference - "The Counter-Clock Incident"