Aliens : C, D, E


Cat-like species. Not much is known about this race, however, M'Ress, a Caitain served aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2269. Caitians, like any felines have paws, whiskers and a tail.

Episode Reference -
"The Survivor"


One of the most fierce and untamable creatures ever created, Capellan Power Cats hate captivity. If touched, the cat discharges 2,000 volts of electricity.

Episode Reference - "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth?"


A space-dwelling life form that entered the Milky Way Galaxy from another. It possessed an intelligence in itself and consumed planets and starships for fuel. It's massive size contained many different sections comparable to a humanoid body, such as a digestive system, nervous system and a brain.

Episode Reference - "One of Our Planets is Missing"


Natives of the planet Delta Theta III, they were watched over by a powerful non-corporeal entity who wished to observe their natural evolution. Generally aggressive at their current development, they captured Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Spock and Honourary Commander Ari bn Bem.

Episode Reference - "Bem"


A space-faring civilization, inhabiting the twin worlds of Dramia and Dramia II. The latter of the two worlds was stricken with an auroral plague which wiped out the entire population. The only survivors were those who returned to the planet after the disease had killed everyone. Their justice system is one of the swiftest in the galaxy.

Episode Reference - "Albatross"


A humanoid race who's members are equipped with three arms, three hands with three fingers each and three legs. Lieutenant Arex, a navigator aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise was a member of the Edosian race and required custom Starfleet uniforms tailored for him. Their culture includes a type of lute which utilized all three hands. Within their planet's waters swims the Edosian Sucker Fish which looks like an Earth catfish. The chef on the NX-01 Enterprise had planned to cook one for chief engineer Charles Tucker as part of the ship crew's final meal.

Episode Reference - "Beyond the Farthest Star", "These Are the Voyages..."