Aliens : G, H, I, J


Aggressive, reptilian race that inhabits a largely unexplored region of the Alpha Quadrant. The Federation had mistakenly established colony Cestus III within Gorn territory which caused the Gorn Confederation to completely obliterate the outpost. First contact with the Gorn took place on an unknown asteroid when Captain James T. Kirk and the captain of a Gorn light cruiser were forced to duel for the lives of their crew and ship by a powerful race called the Metrons. Within the Elysia in The Delta Triangle, a Gorn sat on the ruling council.

Episode Reference -
"The Time Trap"


A genetically engineered tribble predator created by the Klingons to help annihilate the tribble population. The first glommer was captured by trader Cyrano Jones, but he was forced to return it to the Klingons. However, the glommer proved no match for Jones' brand of tribbles that grew immensely big.

Episode Reference - "More Tribbles, More Troubles"


Reptilian race with a gruff disposition, but immense strength. However, the Gnalish find difficulty in climbing. One member of the Gnalish race was invited to the expedition to find the Soul of Alar.

Episode Reference - "The Jihad"


Since before the Earth's sun burned hot in space and before the human race was born, the Guardian of Forever awaited a question. Built to offer a gateway to the past, the Guardian of Forever affected changes in time by generating turbulent waves of space displacement that can be felt millions of miles away. The U.S.S. Enterprise first discovered it in 2267, but it's discovery led to the temporary erasure of the Federation from history when Dr. Leonard McCoy, lucid on an overdose of cordrazine, leapt through its portal to 1930s Earth and was an accessory to the United States' delay in entering World War II. With the U.S. not in the war as history recorded it, Germany was able to develop the atomic bomb first and capture the world. Captain James Kirk and Mr. Spock followed McCoy back in time and set history straight again. After the incident, the Federation used the Guardian of Forever to conduct historical observation missions to the past.

Episode Reference - "Yesteryear"