Aliens : M, N, O


Maintaining a whole shape is an unnatural way of life for Megans, but they do assume solid form when dealing with humanoid life forms. In the Megan universe, "magic" is the way of life. Centuries ago, in a search for companionship, the Megans traveled to Earth. By bringing the power of their universe to Earth, they were accused of being witches and were burned at the stake.

Episode Reference -
"The Magicks of Megas-Tu"


A race of heavy metal miners on the planet Motherlode, described by Harry Mudd to be either fat, ugly or repugnant.

Episode Reference - "Mudd's Passion"



An cautious insectoid -like race, that humanoids might refer to as cowardly. One member of the Nasat race was invited to join an expedition to find the Soul of Alar.

Episode Reference - "The Jihad"


Humanoid race characterized by green skin. The Orions are a mercenary race, bent on maintaining a status of neutrality so that their piracy rings can function unabated. The Orions maintain a vast slave market where kidnapped aliens are sold to the highest bidder. The Orions attempted to disrupt the Babel Conference of 2268 by planting an operative, surgically altered to look like an Andorian, aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, by murdering Tellarite ambassador Gav and attempting to murder Captain James T. Kirk, so that the Starfleet vessel would be vulnerable to attack.

Episode Reference - "Yesteryear"

(Note: In the classic "Star Trek", the race's name was pronounced "Ore-eye-ons." In the animated "Star Trek", they are "Ore-ee-ons."


A high priced commodity in the galactic trading market, Orion Slave Girls emit a pheromone which make them irresistible to males of many alien races, including humans and therefore, subject to their whims. Their dance is also very seductive. When the Talosians of planet Talos IV attempted to make their human surivor Vina more appealing for Enterprise Captain Pike, they made her appear to him in the guise of an Orion Slave Girl. Within the Elysia in The Delta Triangle, an Orion Slave Girl had become one of the highest ranking.

Episode Reference -
"The Time Trap"