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Colony-creatures that are able to split their bodies into multiple parts, each able to function on their own. The Pandronians sent Ari bn Bem to the U.S.S. Enterprise to see if the Federation were worthy enough to be of use to them.

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A botanical, plant race inhabiting the planet Phylos. The Phylosians constructed many space vehicles and planned to bring an era of peace to the galaxy, but before they could leave their world, disease struck their planet and wiped out much of the population. They were cured by Terran scientist Dr. Starros Keniclius, who, coincidentally, wished the same as them, to institute an era of peace. The Phylosians began referring to Keniclius as "master" and accepted him as leader.

Episode Reference - "The Infinite Vulcan"


Aerial predators inhabiting the planet Phylos. Comprised of some of the same botanical features as the Phylosians, they were susceptible to Dr. McCoy's weed poison spray.

Episode Reference - "The Infinite Vulcan"


An unknown race ventured to Questar M-17 millions of years ago in their massive pod-ship, but found an evil alien there. Rather than contaminate other worlds with a clearly destructive and malignant entity, they activated their self-destruct mechanism to try and protect the galaxy.

Episode Reference - "Beyond the Farthest Star"


A non-corporeal entity inhabiting a mysterious energy cloud near the Romulan border. When the U.S.S. Enterprise passed through the cloud, the Practical Joker somehow entered the ship's computer and began to play practical jokes on the crewmembers to amuse itself. With no concern for the crew's welfare, it locked three crewmembers in the recreation room and activated a winter wasteland program, attempting to freeze them to death. It also tried to exact revenge on three Romulan ships that had damaged the Enterprise by humiliating them. Captain Kirk was able to discharge the Practical Joker from the computer by passing the ship back through the energy field. With the Joker off the Enterprise, it soon took up residence in the Romulan computer.

Episode Reference - "The Practical Joker"