Aliens : Q, R


The Questar M-17 alien was trapped there for millions of years. When a pod-ship destroyed itself rather than transport the alien to other corners of the galaxy, it attempted to use the U.S.S. Enterprise to ferry it. In command of the ship's computer, it used the automatic bridge defense system to inflict pain on the crewmembers to get its orders accomplished. When Captain Kirk piloted the Enterprise directly at Questar M-17, the alien was convinced Kirk was trying to destroy the ship and fled, but it was merely a ruse. With the Enterprise gone, the alien was trapped there for eternity.

Episode Reference - "Beyond the Farthest Star"


A poisonous plant on the planet Phylos. It was able to move itself around by pulling up its roots and burrowing them elsewhere. When it pricked Lieutenant Sulu, it poisoned him severely. He would have died if Dr. Starros Keniclius had not developed a cure centuries before.

Episode Reference - "The Infinite Vulcan"

(Note: "Retlaw" is "Walter" spelled backwards. An inside joke by Walter Koenig.)


A reptilian capable of assuming many forms. Harry Mudd attempted to use one to convince miners on the planet Motherlode that his love potion was a genuine article.

Episode Reference - "Mudd's Passion" 


Behemoth creatures that masquerade as common rock formations inhabiting an M-class planet in a binary star system. The rock creatures appear to be hundreds of meters tall, possess great strength and are impervious to phaser fire.

Episode Reference - "Mudd's Passion"


Inhabiting the twin worlds of Romulus and Remus, (or ROM II) the Romulans are an ancient off-shoot of the Vulcan race, but unlike the Vulcans, they do not suppress their emotions and maintain a vast interstellar star empire. During the Earth-Romulan war of the 22nd century, no human, Romulan or ally ever saw the other. The treaty established by subspace radio upon its conclusion, instituted a Neutral Zone between both territories. Entry into the zone by either side would be considered an act of war.

The Romulans were one of the first races to solve the problem of the energy consumption of cloaking technology, making them a very surreptitious race. The first Federation observation of the Romulans' invisibility screen came in 2266 when a Romulan bird of prey crossed into Federation space and destroyed Neutral Zone Outposts 2, 3, 4, and 8 with their powerful plasma torpedoes. Soon after, an alliance with the Klingon Empire led to the sharing of technology and designs by the two powers. A new variant of the cloaking device was introduced in 2268, but, one was captured by Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock in the infamous "Enterprise Incident." Since then, the Romulans have tried to up the score on the Federation by attempting to capture the Enterprise.

Physical Attributes:
Pointed ears and frowning eyebrows.
Green blooded.

Cultural Facts:
Distant cousin of the Vulcans.
The predominant colour on Romulus is grey: the buildings, the clothes, the people.
The sister race and world, Remans and Remus, are considered to be a lower caste in Romulan society.

Notable Individuals:
Romulan Commander, Outpost 4 Incident - A successful military commander, successful on over one hundred campaigns. Led his ship into battle against the U.S.S. Enterprise and inflicted severe damage on the Federation ship, but was ultimately defeated. ("Balance of Terror")
Romulan Commander, Enterprise Incident - Captain of one of the first Romulan ships based on a Klingon design. She led the fleet that captured the Enterprise when it breached the Romulan Neutral Zone, but was played as a pawn by Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock who staged the entire incident to capture her cloaking device. She was eventually captured herself and taken back to the Federation. ("The Enterprise Incident")

Episode Reference -
"The Survivor"