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A Vulcan "teddy bear." A large animal that can be domesticated and kept as pets. Sarek had one as a child and named it "Ay-Chia." When his son Spock was born, he bestowed it upon him. Ay-chia was killed in the Vulcan Forge when a bite from a Le-Matya poisoned it.

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Bird-like avian race who found their way to peace two centuries ago because of Alar, and his philosophies of peace. Before his death, Alar's brainwaves patterns were duplicated and given physical form which was called the "Soul of Alar." The Soul was stolen by Tchar in attempt to awaken the old, warrior ways of the Skorr, but his plans were foiled by Captain Kirk.

Episode Reference - "Yesteryear"


The history of the Slaver Empire is sketchy at best. The Slavers were the masters of all intelligent beings in the Milky Way Galaxy a billion years ago until once race revolted. The Slavers and all their subjects were exterminated in the war that followed forcing intelligent life to evolve all over again. The Slaver "Stasis Boxes" are the only remnant of the once powerful Empire. Time stands still inside a stasis box. One box contained a flying belt which was the key to the artificial gravity fields used on starships. Another contained a disruptor bomb with the pin pulled. As a result, all stasis boxes are now under the jurisdiction of Starfleet.

Episode Reference - "The Slaver Weapon"