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The predecessor race came to the planet Taurus II when their homeworld began to die. However, Taurus II drains human life energy. The women of the planet's bodies developed a glandular secretion that enabled them to survive and to manipulate certain areas of the men's brains, influencing their emotional senses, ultimately draining them. To survive, the women needed to vitalize every 27 years by capturing the male crewmembers of passing ships and draining their life force. As a result, the women neither aged nor died nor could they bear children. A Starfleet ship of women transported them off Taurus II to a new world where they could become like other women again.

Episode Reference -
"The Lorelei Signal"


One of the founding members of the Federation, although never very comfortable with Andorians, Tellarites are a humanoid species distinguished by a porcine-like snout, stout build, deep set eyes and a characteristically irascible disposition. Within the Elysia in The Delta Triangle, a Tellarite sat on the ruling council.

Episode Reference - "The Time Trap"


An Earth colony group that named a planet in the Cepheus star system "Terra Ten." Unbeknownst to them, the planet was subject to permanent spyroid-epsilon waves causing them to shrink. Because of their small stature, no one was able to hear their distress call. Over the course of many generations, the term "Terra Ten" had degenerated into "Terratin" which is what they called themselves. They were eventually relocated from their unstable planet to a more stable one.

Episode Reference - "The Terratin Incident"


Furry, fuzzy and friendly to everyone, except Klingons, tribbles are, according to Cyrano Jones, "the only love that money can buy." Tribbles have no real use, value or redeeming qualities, except, for the fact that they don't talk much. Tribbles are bi-sexual and reproduce at will, usually after eating. Feeding a tribble even more than the smallest morsel will soon result in ten tribbles, then one hundred, then one thousand. Cyrano Jones brought some to Space-Station K-7 and gave one to Enterprise lieutenant, Uhura. Soon thereafter, both the starship and the station were flooded with them. Scotty beamed all of the tribbles from the Enterprise to the I.K.S. Groth, where there'd be "no tribble at all", but Cyrano Jones was sentenced to pick up all one million tribbles on K-7. He was able to speed up his work by stealing the genetically engineered, tribble-predator glommer from the Klingons. He later created his own brand of tribbles that do not reproduce, but rather grow big. However, the big tribbles were in fact, colonies of hundreds of little tribbles, once again, contaminating the Enterprise and the Groth with them.

Tribbles were once considered mortal enemies of the Klingon Empire. A Klingon armada obliterated the tribble homeworld and by the end of the 23rd century, they had been eradicated. One wonders if the Klingons still sing songs about "the great tribble hunt."

Episode Reference - "More Tribbles, More Troubles"